Here at Spectrum Signs & Display, we are firm believers in the old saying, ‘proper planning prevents poor performance’. Thorough consultation is the first step in creating a sign or display that perfectly meets your needs, and it therefore forms a critical part of our service.

Laying the foundations for success

When projects go wrong, it’s often down to a lack of careful planning. The same applies to signs and displays that don’t quite hit the mark or deliver their message successfully. The consultation process helps avoid such issues, by discussing in detail many different aspects of sign design, placement and location.

When investing in a new sign or display, there is more to consider than branding, messaging and design ideas (although those are, of course, very important). There are lots of considerations around sign sizing, legibility, disability requirements and navigational issues – and this is particularly important for wayfinding signs, health and safety signs, and signing for people with learning difficulties or dementia. Consultation is also important for planning a smooth installation, including any access and machinery requirements, and potential health and safety hazards or issues.

Expert consultation, in a way that works for you

To us, the consultation phase is incredibly important, and we are passionate about getting it right every time. We start by tailoring our consultation process to meet your needs, and we are happy to discuss your project by phone, email or in person, depending on what works best for you.

When a site visit is necessary, our team will arrange this for a time that is most convenient for you, and conduct the visit in a timely and professional manner. The site survey will cover sign location, correct sizing, legibility, disability requirements, navigational requirements and potential hazards. It will also cover installation conditions, including whether any specialist access equipment is needed to reach the area in question. Every aspect of the survey will be discussed in detail with you to ensure we are fully meeting your needs. It is also a valuable opportunity to identify any potential issues and find the necessary solutions, together.

Find out more

Get in touch to find out how we can help you realise your vision with signs and displays that perfectly match your company image. Our helpful team will be happy to advise you on every step of the process and provide a free quote for your sign and display needs.