The quality of any sign or display speaks volumes about the business it represents. Even a truly stunning design can be let down by poor manufacturing. Therefore, whether you are looking for an external sign, a promotional banner, or just an internal poster, the quality of the finish plays an important role in getting your message across successfully.

A new world of possibilities

Modern manufacturing techniques, including large format digital printing, mean it is now possible to create a huge variety of sign and display types to the very highest quality. Almost any colour or shade can be achieved, and digital printing makes it possible to include high resolution photos of any size, greatly increasing the options available to businesses.

There is also a wide selection of materials and finishes to choose from, including metals, woods and plastics, and a variety of treatments and films available to protect outdoor signs and displays from the elements. With modern sign and display manufacturing techniques, there’s really no limit to what can be achieved; the only restriction is your imagination!

Quality craftsmanship and superb attention to detail

Combining cutting-edge technology with our three decades of signage experience, Spectrum Signs & Display manufactures beautifully finished signs and displays that bring your design to life.

Once our design team has finalised your design with you, our expert manufacturing team swings into action, creating your sign to the agreed production timetable and installation date. Because we use the latest equipment and innovative techniques, we are able to manufacture signs much more quickly and efficiently than ever before, meaning you can look forward to enjoying your new sign very soon.

Almost all of our signs are crafted in-house by our team of fully trained technicians, which means we can ensure the very highest level of quality control and a stunning finish. However, we aren’t just concerned with good looks; durability is another key factor at the heart of our manufacturing process. Whatever materials and finish you have selected for your sign or display, you can rest assured it will be built to last – and will be able to withstand the worst of the British weather for years to come.

Find out more

Get in touch to find out how we can design, manufacture and install the perfect sign for your business. Our team will be happy to talk you through our manufacturing process in more detail and provide a free quote for your sign and display needs.